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  • Do I need to register if I am already registered at Sciencesource.com? ⇓

    Yes. In order to purge our system of old, inactive, and incorrect registrations, and because our video customers may be quite different from our stills customers, we did not port over all of our registrations. Please register for this site by clicking the "Register" link at the top right corner of the page.

  • Do I need to fill out this whole form? ⇓

    Yes. Please fill in all the required fields and if you would like to receive updates, information, and special offers from us, check the box that reads "I would like to receive emails about offers, discounts and news." and select which subjects are of interest to you. If you wish to apply for a high resolution download account, which allows you to download full-resolution videos on account and be billed for those which you use, check the box "I would like to apply for pay-on-account download access." You will be informed by email if your application is approved. Once you submit your registration, you will receive a confirmation email and a link to activate your registration. Click on the link and log in and you are ready to enter our new and exciting video collection.

  • What formats do you offer for videos? ⇓

    The majority of videos on our site are in .mov form, using either the Apple photo-jpeg codec or the Apple animation codec. If a videographer has used a different codec that is acceptable by our system, you will receive that file rather than transcoding it to another codec, to avoid loss of quality. In the case of royalty-free videos, some suppliers will have several resolutions available; with rights managed videos you will receive the highest resolution we have, which will be indicated on the preview page for each clip.

  • Can I purchase and download videos directly from your site? ⇓

    Yes! Once you have registered you may place videos into your cart, price them using our pricing calculator, checkout and pay using your credit card. You will then receive links to download the videos, and you will be emailed your invoice with licensing terms. Customers who have been approved for 24/7 download access on account will see a red down arrow on the preview page which will allow them to download any video after filling in some information regarding the potential usage.

  • What if I need to re-download a video I have purchased before? ⇓

    Simply go to the upper right hand corner of the home page or search results page and click on the "My Account" link. In the drop down menu click on "Orders" and you will see a list of all your orders. Click on an order to bring up the order information and download links. Order links are good for 30 days from purchase. If you need to re-download after that time please contact a sales representative at 1-800-833-9033 or email sales@sciencesource.com

  • What is a clipbin? ⇓

    A clipbin is simply a place for you to store selected clips for a given project or search. You can email them to anyone, and registered users can save an unlimited number of clipbins to their account.

  • How do I create a clipbin? ⇓

    If you are logged in, get to the clipbin manager by clicking on  "My Account" at the upper right corner of any page and selecting "clipbins" from the menu that drops down. You can also click the clipbins tab in the sidebar of the search results page.  Under "My Clipbins" in the sidebar will be a link to "Create New Clipbin" - click on it, enter a name for your clipbin, and hit return. The new clipbin will appear in the sidebar. Click the "make active" link to make it your active clipbin. If you are not registered, you can still create a clipbin but you will have to mail it to yourself in order to save it.

  • How do I email a clipbin? ⇓

    At the bottom of the clipbin tab of the sidebar is a light gray box that says "Email Clipbin". Enter the recipient's email address, click "add recipient" to to send to more than one person, enter a subject, add to the message if you wish, and click "Send Clipbin." The recipient will receive a link to your clipbin which they can view even if they are not registered on our site. If you wish to receive a copy of the clipbin as well, click the "send to myself" checkbox before sending.

  • What is the difference between rights-managed and royalty-free videos? ⇓

    When you purchase a royalty-free (RF) video, the price depends only upon the size (resolution or frame size) of the video you are purchasing, and the supplier; once bought, the purchaser may use the video however they wish and as many times as they wish, but may not resell the clip or allow other individuals or companies to use it. With a rights-managed (RM) clip, you are purchasing only the rights to use the video for a specified usage, say, a TV commercial, or an electronic textbook. If you wish to use the video for another purpose, you would have to buy additional rights.

  • Do you sell both RF and RM videos?  ⇓

    Yes, we have both royalty-free and rights-managed collections, but you will not find the same video in both collections.