Do you shoot professional quality video?

Do you specialize in medical, astronomy, photomicroscopy, the physical sciences, weather, nature, or wildlife? We may be interested in representing you!

Benefits of Representation include:

  • Representation on a 50/50% or 40/60% commission basis, depending on contract terms.
  • Exposure to a large base of editorial and commercial buyers, including electronic publishers, TV production houses, educational institutions, and advertising agencies.
  • Marketing your video worldwide through our network of distributors.
  • Publicity through our YouTube Channel, blog, NatureSource Facebook page and ScienceSource Facebook page, Twitter feed, Google+, email promotions, dedicated direct-mail pieces, Google ranking and indexing.
  • Access to our exclusive shoot lists.
  • Our 50+ years of experience, professional staff and renowned customer service that keeps our clients coming back year after year.
  • If you would like to work with us, contact us at:


Science Source offers two standard contracts: Exclusive Representation, with a 50% / 50% split of income between agency and contributor; and Non-Exclusive Representation, with a 60% / 40% agency/ contributor commission structure. Exclusive representation allows us to negotiate exclusive rights, more easily identify illegal uses, and more effectively market the videographer's work. The non-exclusive contract enables a contributor to place his or her work with a number of agents. Other arrangements may also be available. None of our contracts restrict contributors from marketing and selling their images directly.
Samples of our standard contracts can be downloaded here:

Exclusive Contract (Legal Size Paper)     Exclusive Contract (Letter Size Paper)

Non-Exclusive Contract (Legal Size Paper)     Non-Exclusive Contract (Letter Size Paper)