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Video Guidelines


  • The Basics ⇓

    Video clips should be HD (strongly preferred by our commercial buyers).  SD resolution is adequate for most editorial uses and should be from 10-30 seconds in length.  Longer clips may be accepted, but keep in mind that the vast majority of stock video sales are under 30 seconds in length, with many much shorter.  We recommend submitting footage with the highest resolution and least compression possible (but preferably not uncompressed video).

    Clips should be submitted in Quicktime format (.MOV) if possible.
    Footage MUST be accompanied by an Excel® file or other database file (.tab, .csv) that gives us the following information:

    • your video number
    • filename
    • credit
    • title
    • extended caption
    • keywords
    • model release status
    • resolution
    • aspect ratio
    • codec

    A sample Excel® template can be found here (right-click on link and select "save link as"):Video_metadata_template.xls, and an empty tab-delimited file with column headings can be downloaded here:

  • Resolution ⇓

    Preferred:  HD (1920x1080 or 1440x1080), 4K, 2K,

    Accepted:  HD (1280x720) , SD NTSC (720x486 or 480) SD PAL (720x576)

    It will be at the editor's discretion to accept any other resolutions, and will be based on the quality/uniqueness of the video.  Please do not up-res any clips.  

  • Frame Rate ⇓

    Preferred:  29.92, 30 or 24 FPS

    Accepted:  25, 23.96, 50, 60

    Note: We have had some difficulty processing/transcoding 59.94fps files, so we recommend against submitting at that frame rate for the time being.

    It will be at the editor's discretion to accept any other frame rates, and will be based on the quality/uniqueness of the video.

  • Codecs ⇓

    Preferred:  Apple Photo-Jpeg (best quality) or Motion-Jpeg, Apple Animation Codec

    Accepted:  HDV, Apple Intermediate Codec, DV-DVCPRO, H.264, MP4 (H.264 and MP4 video should always be shot using the highest quality settings)

    The transcoder we are using does NOT support the following codecs: Apple ProRes 422, AVID, and M2TS. You can easily transcode into one of the accepted formats above before submitting; a free program available for batch transcoding is MPEG Streamclip, available at


Captioning and Keywording


A video is only as good as its metadata! You must load a data file with caption and other information along with your video clips. Here are the required fields and what they should include. Make sure to follow the specifications, including upper or lower case when specified. Please use the Excel® template above or export from another spreadsheet as a tab-delimited text file. Pleae do not skip rows, or use multiple rows to enter data for a single clip.


  • Number ⇓

    Your video number. A unique identifier for your video. Most often this is the filename with the extension removed. Try to keep to less than 15 characters, no spaces (Underscores are OK)

  • File Name ⇓

    The actual name of the video file, with extension. The file name MUST not have any spaces - replace them with an underscore "_" or a hyphen "-"

  • Title ⇓

    A short, succinct caption for the video. This will appear under the thumbnail on the search results page.

  • Caption ⇓

    An extended description of what is depicted in the video. Please include as much information as possible, including common and scientific name, location, time of year, magnification, any special techniques used, and anything else that may be relevant to the user. This should be written in paragraph form with proper punctuation and capitalization.

  • Keywords ⇓

    Keywords relevant to the video that will help a user search for it, separated by commas.

  • Credit ⇓

    Your name or company name - however you wish the video to be credited. Do not include the copyright symbol  © or (c)

  • Photographer ID#⇓

    Your Science Source Photographer/Videographer ID - this appears on your statement - it is a 6-character code with the first 3 letters of your last name followed by a 3 digit number. Plese use UPPER CASE for the letters:  KAP007 for example

  • Model Release Status ⇓

    Model Release Status: "y" for videos where you have a model release for any people visible in the video (model releases should be uploaded with the video), "n" for videos where you do not have a release for people in the video, "n" or "na" when there are no people visible. LOWER CASE

  • Resolution or Frame Size ⇓

    The video resolution of the clip in pixels, e.g., 1920x1080, 1280x720.

  • Aspect Ratio ⇓

    This MUST be expressed as indicated: S (for 1:1 or square), 1.33 (for 4:3), 1.78 (for 16:9)

  • Frame Rate ⇓

    The frame rate of the clip in frames per second (fps). Include only the number (24, 29.97, 30, 60, etc.)

  • Codec ⇓

    The codec used, for example Photo-jpeg, Apple Animation, H.264, HDV, MP4, etc.

  • Audio ⇓

    Does the video have audio (Y) or is it silent (N)? Audio is great to have provided it is free from extraneous noises (people talking in the background, camera shutters, coughing, loud ambient noises unrelated to the subject of the video, wind noise). If there are such noises on the sound track, please strip the audio before submitting. UPPER CASE




Please upload your videos directly through our new submission gateway.

You'll need to register on the new site here:
Once you have set up your registration, email so that we can set your account to allow upload access.


Access the submission gateway here:


Once you log in you will be prompted to create a project ID (if you have not previously created one for this submission), and to upload your video files and metadata spreadsheet. To upload, click the browse button, navigate to the folder with the videos, and select one or more videos. You can also simply drag and drop a group of videos onto the button. Note that it will ALWAYS say "No Videos Selected" - this is a bug we have not been able to resolve! Upon successful upload you will receive an email and your editor will be notified that the videos are available for editing. You MUST  use the Project number generator (checkbox) to create your project number. If you wish to add more files to the same project, type the previously generated project number into the project number field when you return to the upload page and do not generate a new one. If you are going to upload videos in a few batches, upload the spreadsheet LAST so we know that you are done uploading videos.


You can download this complete document here: Video_Submission_Guidelines.pdf


Please contact your editor with any questions!